Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ways to increase the pleasure of love making

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Ayurveda, a science of life, views making love, as essential as food and water is to man. Needless to say, if any person is satisfied in their private life with their husband/wife, all the other things appear to be petty issues as he derives great strength from a satisfied sex life.

It discusses the ways to increase the pleasure of love making as below :

Robust health : Couples should be healthy - physically, mentally and spiritually so that all their positive energies are directed towards love making. Take care to avoid negative emotions like anger etc which drains your energy unnecessarily.

Nourishing food : Take a light but a wholesome food, so that your stomach is not kept empty while indulging in love.

Good mood : Couples should be able to live in the present moment, at the time of making love, they should consider that only he and his partner exist in this world atleast while they make love to each other.

Condusive atmosphere : Atmosphere should heighten all sensual feelings, can lit incense sticks, use scent, lie on clean beds, decorate with fresh flowers, wear silk garments, play music like Mishra Telang, Mishra Ghara, Mishra Bhairavi in a light volume, be in a candle light.

Recommended Medications : One can practice vajikaran therapy, which increases the male fertility and also using aphrodisiac supplements arouses sexual pleasure. Shilajit and Aswagandha is used to improve sex life.

Various Techniques : One can indulge in some pleasurable acts like expressing it through caressing, kissing, touching, seeing through ones eyes etc.

Intimate relation : It strongly recommends to have sexual relationship only with their legal partner (husband or wife) and everytime when they are with each other, they should consider the act of love making, as though they try to know each other for the first time i.e, it should be evergreen.

Position : Practice exercises together so that they express their love in a bonding relaxation exercise. Couples can lie together in the spoon position on their left sides in which energy flows. Lying comfortably together you can inhale and exhale together so that harmony is promoted between the couples.

Sex posture – It advises that couples should make love, taking care that woman is in the bottom and man top position and any fancy positions may create complications like back pain.