Saturday, December 12, 2009

Diet and Lifestyle of better love making

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Ayurveda, a holistic way of living, views love making, a natural urge of the mankind as a divine process. It firmly believes that certain food and life style arouses sexual feeling and it provides the following tips to turn love making in to a pleasurable activity

a) Good sex requires a good healing sleep, regular exercise and a balanced life.
b) Try to live a relaxed life. Meditation helps to normalise all the functions of the body.
c) While making love get rid of all the thoughts of work, kids, family etc., and your centre of attention to be your partner alone and your aim to have a satisfying time each time and every time.
d) Be supportive and understanding of each others feelings and requirement in all spheres viz physical, mental, spiritual.
e) Have a wholesome diet which includes a lot of wheat, rice, seeds, nuts, milk products, stewed vegetables, natural sugars, easy to digest beans, carrot sticks and salad.
f) Ginger helps the mind to be focused, helping couples to have an undivided attention while making love.
g) Needless to say about garlic, which arouses your sex feelings.
h) Chocolate named as a love chemical makes a lot of positive changes in brain when in love.
i) It is advised to keep your blood sugar lever normal.
j) Avoid drugs, alcohol, conflicts in relations, hunger, trauma, anger.
k) To rebuild the body sexually ayurveda advises one to shun any type of sexual activities atleast for a month and then detoxify your body then nourish the body with diet and Ayurvedic herbs to enhance the sexual functions.
l) Aphrodisiac onions helps to enhance the sexual vigour
m) For both men and women Ashwagandha and rasayanas are highly helpful to keep their sexual desires on and it has to be taken daily as they calm down the anxiety.
n) For people who are return from outdoor work tired, it is better to have love at the week ends, rather than having an unsatisfied love in the week days.