Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pregnancy- Lifestyle and Diet

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Ayurveda, an age old system of Indian medicine, in its Garbhini Paricharya recommends the following advise about the ahara (diet), Vihara(lifestyle) and vichara(thought process) to be followed by the pregnant women.

** On a regular basis drink milk as it is a chief source of calcium, lactose and butter fat.

** During the first three months of pregnancy the foetus is nourished by percolation hence a lot of liquid diet like fruit juice, coconut water, milk to be included in diet. From the seventh month onwards take care to reduce the fat, salt and water in the diet and instead take a lot of rice kanji with ghee.

** Cereals are a must - wheat, oats, rye, dried peas, bean sprouts, whole meal bread, lentils, dried peas, chickpeas, soya-beans have an adequate amounts of protein. Fresh vegetables like spinach lettuce, potatoes, celery are must Fruits like apple, banana, and juices of lemon, orange, pineapple to be consumed. Dried fruits like dates, figs, almonds, grapes are good. Take rice, butter, ghee, food prepared with urad dal and amla, fish and egg are to be included in diet. Avoid fried or over salty and greasy foods.

** Sleep in a secured place. don’t travel outside house often, don’t indulge in talking to strangers, don’t subject yourself to any situation that creates fear in you mind, wear loose clothes so that you are comfortable, do not indulge in a strenuous physical activities, avoid smoking, alcohol and keep yourself away from sex.

** Take care to eat lightly i.e, you may eat 6 meals instead of heavy four meals, But you should eat only when you feel hungry and take only home made preparations, avoid any artificial chemicals, preservatives.

Keep yourself cool, calm and collected as it has direct effect on your baby. Use this time to be grateful to GOD for what all things he has given you in your life and Meditation helps you to be in touch with your real self and travel through the journey of pregnancy which is the very basic craving and enjoyment for every women.