Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Premature ejaculation- Panchkarma management

Ayurveda does not see things in isolation. It takes a holistic view of the situation for diagnosis and treatment. Panchkarma is an integral part of this holistic treatment in many cases. In the treatment of premature ejaculation also Panchakarma is practiced as a primer, to give a fillip to the treatment that ensues.
Panchakarma means five types of therapeutic measures. The panchakarmas are Vamana, Virechana, Snehavasti, Kashayavasti and Nasya. Vamana is the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth, Virechana is purging, Vasti is enema. Vasti can be classified in to two forms. One is done with medicated oils(Snehavasti) and the other with medicated decoctions(kashayavasti). Nasya is inhalation of medicines through the nose. Susrutha, the father of surgery, stresses on Rakthamoksha (blood-letting) as one of the panchakarma procedures . Panchakarma should not be administered to those below seven years and those above 80 years. Panchakarma cleanses the body and improves the digestion and metabolism. In Ayurvedic parlance it cleanses the body of Dosha (toxic materials).
Before the actual panchakarma, Purvakarma, has to be done for a period of 7 days. Snehan and Swedan are the two procedures. They prepare Tridoshas to be receptive to the treatment. After all the five or selected therapies of panchakarma, Paschatkarma has to be practiced which helps the body to re-establish its normal metabolism and immunity. Then follows rejuvenation therapy where specific Rasayana preparations are administered to bring back vitality. To quote one example Dr Charak of Charak Pharmaceuticals recommend Vasti for premature ejaculation along with their proprietary capsules Neo.
Ensure that the treatment is done under the supervision of a well qualified Ayurvedic physician. You will go back with a sense of renewed energy and well being.

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